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Stay and Train "Bootcamp" Training at Dog Gone Smart



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"John, I just have to thank you again for all of the work you did with our little Milo. He is truly a different dog! He has never been able to be around the kids without nipping and jumping. The girls were terrified of him. It was heartbreaking because we got a dog to be a part of our family and he was too wild to be around the little one. This has all changed. Everyone is so proud of Milo and wants to play and give him love. He can control himself now an didn't chasing after the cat or eating baby toys. He still has his moments but we have the tools to redirect him and help him succeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sending  a video from yesterday shortly after you left him practicing a down-stay... and although he didn't do it perfectly he had so many distractions and is trying soo hard. He wants to be a good boy and we are so proud of him."



"Hi Chris, ( it's your old neighbor from Wilton). I just had to let you know that your trainer Todd was an absolute godsend this past week. We have two German Shepherds (2.5 and 9 months). The breeder that we used asked us to "foster" a special needs GSD puppy (7 months) for her. The first two weeks we had her were a mess. I honestly thought we were going to have to give her back. Todd took Pip, bonded with her and completely turned her around. He sent us the sweetest texts and videos. We picked her up yesterday and she is a different dog. I now have her signed up to come to daycare every Wednesday with you guys. I just can't thank you, DGS and Todd enough."




An efficient way to get a well-trained dog!


Have you been trying to train your dog but just can't find the time? Dog Gone Smart offers in-house training for your dog while they are  boarding or in daycare.  Let us do the work! In-house training is an intensive individualized program designed to meet the specific needs of each owner and dog. We will work with your dog on obedience, general manners, socialization with both people and dogs and behavioral problems. After the training is complete, we will work with you so that you can enjoy the reliable behavior.  You will see positive results and we will guide you through maintaining the dog’s training at home. Refresher programs are also available.


We will communicate with you daily with photos/videos and instructional notes to update you on your dog’s progress. A follow-up lesson is scheduled on the day of pick up. Additional follow-up lessons are scheduled based on your program and your needs.

Our style of training is positive motivational paired with instinctual by using the dogs' instincts to shape behavior and get results. We can not ask a dog to do something we have not taught them, so we must do our job and teach them the rules of your world and the behaviors which you desire in your home. Only then we can set them up for success and hold them accountable. It's all about the relationship as well, so there will be a lot of human training involved :) We will review and evaluate where they are at with the basics, sit until released (no value in a sit if the dog can get up when they want) coming when called, leash walking etc. and then we will build these commands to also be reliable with more distance, duration and distraction. Jumping and barking are something we have great success with, we take away any reinforcement of the behavior (negative attention to a dog is better than no attention) then we can redirect to an incompatible behavior (a dog who is in a sit stay can not also be jumping!) When corrections are necessary they are never harmful, rather instinctual towards learning, using our voice and our body language to communicate and redirect. 


The success of the training program depends on our work together as a team. We will do the bulk of the work, but it will be up to you to be consistent following our instructions at your follow-up lessons. We will guide you through the transition back into your family to set you up for success.  You will have a dog that is well on his way to becoming a well behaved member of your family.













Watch here to see an example of how our trainers work

with the dogs who are here for Stay and Train Bootcamp!

Boarding Training Programs

Depending on package and length of stay: Pricing starts at $185 per day including training & boarding. All programs include an initial evaluation, daily individual training sessions, socialization, boarding and a courtesy bath before pick-up (and lots of kisses and cuddles).  Dogs are trained 7 days a week.  Additional costs may include special need/individual need accommodations.

  • Includes all Boarding/All day Socialization Playtime, 1-2 training sessions per day, follow up lesson at home included for every week of stay   (Fairfield County Residents Only)

  • Includes daily communication with photos/videos from your trainer. 

  • Includes all Overnight Accommodations, Playtimes, Socialization, Daily Individualized Training Sessions. Lots of Cuddles and Kisses!

  • We ask for 50% deposit at time of booking, and the balance will be due at pickup.

For pups 8-18 weeks old who will be in their own separate puppy palace, away from older dogs. Depending on package and length of stay: Pricing starts at $235 per night including training, socialization & boarding. This is a great way to start off on the right foot, er, paw, with your puppy. The best way to build a solid foundation is from the ground up! 

  • Includes all Boarding, 1-2 training sessions per day, follow up lesson included for every week of stay   

  • Includes daily communication with photos/videos from your trainer. 

  • Includes all Overnight Accommodations, Playtimes, Socialization, Daily Individualized Training Sessions. Lots of Cuddles and Kisses!

  • We ask for 50% deposit at time of booking, and the balance will be due at pickup.

For dogs 4 months and up who come to daycare at DGS.

5 FOR $650!

5 Hour Training Sessions (or 10 Half Hours) while your dog is in daycare with our professional trainers to work on your training objectives and behavior wish list for only $650!  (DOES NOT INCLUDE PRICE OF DAYCARE)

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