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Swimming Pool Just For Dogs! 

Canine Pool and Aquatic Center

Benefits of Swimming...

It’s lots of fun so dogs enjoy their time in the pool

Develops and maintains muscle tone

Develops strength and flexibility

Improves cardiovascular fitness and overall conditioning

Encourages physical activities and use of the whole body

Helps control weight & Increase range of motion

Keeps elderly dogs active and prevents weight bearing injuries

Eases stiff and achy joints



Puppy Swims
TUESDAY @1PM   $30+tax     SATURDAYS @ 12PM           

For puppies up to a year.  Let us help your puppy learn to be comfortable in the water.  We will have an instructor in the water working with your puppy.  Once they get the hang of it, they will enjoy a lifetime of swimming!!

For safety, fun, exercise and CUTENESS!

SATURDAYS @ 1PM    $40+tax     

For dogs of all ages over 1 years old.  Let us help assess and teach your dog to learn to be comfortable and enjoyin the water.  We will have an instructor in the water working individually with your dog. These introductory sign up swim sessions will assess the comfort level of your dog around and in water. This will allow the trainer to give feedback as to what next steps will look like in terms of water training your dog. Available to Existing Clients Only. 

Group Swims: Daycare/Boarding                                                                                                          $32.50
30 minute session for your dog while he is at DGS (Must be Pre-Approved to swim with a small group of other dogs)

Solo Swim                                                                                                                                                              $55
This option is for dogs who don't need a private lesson but cannot swim with other dogs 

Private Lesson On-Site DGS                                                                                                                                  $80
30 minute session with instructor for your dog alone or with you   

Private Safety Lesson / Swim Assessment On-Site DGS                                                                       $80
30 minute safety lesson with instructor

Puppy Swims
This is a group activity, with one pup at a time in the pool. 
This is a great oppo
rtunity to expose your pup to the sights, sounds, surfaces, smells of a pool.                      $30 walk in/$3
5 in daycare
ach introductory swim is approximately 10 minutes which is 4x more exertion than a puppy walk.                                                                  

All-Ages Swims (see above)                                                                                                                       $40

***prices do not include tax***
24’ L X 11’ W X 4 ½’ Deep


4 swim jets which can be used for resistance or massage

Stairs for easy access

Non-slip deck surface

Sanitary conditions maintained at all times

Hose for rinsing off your dog




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