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At Dog Gone Smart We group the dogs into their playgroups by Temperament, Age, Size, Speed, but all groups have several dogs in them. 

Some dogs are more comfortable in specialized smaller groups than in free and fast open play (think of a Gala vs a Small Dinner Party) they require different social skills, graces and comfort and are at a completely different level of stimulation. 

In order to be eligible for Daycare or Boarding with us, your dog must be in Tier 1.

Tiers 2 and 3 are the only levels that offer smaller/specialized groups as part of our training program as a transition phase to the more populous Tier 1. Sometimes, even with Tier training, it still may be recommended that Dog Gone Smart is not the right social environment for your dog.


Please keep in mind that Tier eligibility is fluid and we are always assessing changes in the dog's body language and behavior that may change what tier best meets their needs. 

FIRST STEP: Set up a Daycare / Boarding Evaluation for all dogs over 6 months AND All dogs

 in all tiers must have a completed Pet Profile and required Vaccination & Vet Records

-TIER I- ALL ACCESS PLAY ! YAY !(Standard Daycare or Boarding Pricing Applies)
Your Dog is eligible to join our playcare in Daycare or Boarding as a general player who will happily, comfortably and safely thrive in our social environment with the other dogs and our team members without needing individual support.  The Tier 1 dog easily transitions away from family to our play environment, and enters the playroom with enthusiasm and manners.

These dogs may be dog selective, cautious in fast moving social settings, have overzealous play, need guidance modulating intensity of play/reading body language cues of the other dogs, or just need some paw-holding to build confidence and respect boundaries to get along within a large group of dogs. Tier 2 Training Blocks provide your dog with the one-on-one support they need to set themselves up for success in Tier 1. 
It is not uncommon for adolescent dogs to bounce between Tier 1 & Tier 2.-

Tier 2 sessions are 3 hour blocks where you drop your dog off to work our Socialization Trainer who will bring your dog into the play area one-on-one to guide them through with a safe, low stimulation entrance, comfortable transitions to fast paced players
as well as learning to read those dogs who need more time to build trust.

Our Socialization Trainer is your dog's personal coach to guide, redirect, positively reinforce and troubleshoot how to make your dog more balanced and predictable in our play environment.  Through this process the Trainer will select certain dogs for your dog to interact with and create slower paced spaces to learn. We will also work with your dog on transitions to spaces so that the structure of the day is familiar and easy to navigate for your dog.
The Trainer will provide an update of the session with your dog and recommended next steps. It is our every  intention to progress your dog through to the next tier as quickly as possible, but only when we are sure there are no longer ongoing safety/comfort concerns. 
Some dogs only need one Tier 2 session, others need several. Dogs over 6 months who are not neutered may also be eligible for Tier 2 to continue socialization once they are no longer allowed in our general population/Tier 1.
We have designed and priced Tier 2 with the potential frequency needed in mind...

Tier 2s must be recommended by our staff either through an evaluation or needing a refresher based on recent behavior in daycare/boarding.  If you have been told your dog needs a Tier 2, you may reserve here:
$165 for the 3h Block                   available slots...



Dogs who are dog selective, dog reactive, or have a history of uncomfortable/unpredictable behavior with other dogs or people inside or outside of the home environment, particularly in a social environment.


Our Tier 3 dogs must work only with Laurie, our Senior Behavioral Trainer to identify triggers, and troubleshoot reactive/unpredictable responses to other dogs and/or people.  Laurie customizes the session to expose dogs to a safe social environment to work towards modifying their comfort level, leading to safe, more predictable play or tolerance and hopefully joy! These sessions are done away from the general daycare program, and only with Laurie who may incorporate using our staff's own neutral dogs as models and calm canine coaches who assist in this process of social behavior modification. These lessons are scheduled in half hour blocks to start with Laurie, $175 for 2 half hour sessions. To schedule with Laurie, please contact our training director

These lessons are scheduled in half hour blocks to start...
$175 for Two 30min sessions.
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