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Canine Spa

Professional Grooming by Dog Gone Smart!


What We Need From All Clients 


A Completed Pet Profile Form (One per Dog)


A Copy of Current Vaccines & Vet Records

(DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella,

& a Non Contagious Fecal Test Result)

which can be submitted to our Vaccination Portal

Stress Free EnvironmentAppointments Made around your SchedulePersonal One-on-One Attention All Natural Shampoos
Our Professional Dog Groomers and Master Stylists are the Best in the Business and Offer a Wide Range of Services.
From Bathing and Grooming, Nail Trimming to Ear and Teeth Cleaning,
Our Grooming Department is Fully Equipped to Handle all of your Dog's Grooming Needs!

Our Philosophy is that Grooming should Always be Stress Free and that your Dog should enjoy his Time spent at Dog Gone Smart.  
We work One-on-One with your Dog to make Him relax and enjoy the Attention He is getting.
All Special Needs will be met from Puppy Imprint to Elder Beauty Care.  
Our Organic Grooming with Textured Haircuts and All Natural Technique can be complemented with an Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning.
We also offer a Combo 1/2 day Day Care and Afternoon Grooming sending Home a Happy, Clean and Satisfied Dog!  
This is not just a Groom, this is a Day of Beauty and it Should Feel Like One!  
 ⚬ Toenails Clipped & SmoothedEars CleanedAnal Glands expressed if Necessary5 minute Gentle Massage for relaxation
Regular Bath and Nail Trim

If you don’t feel up to bathing your dog yourself,

We’ll do it for you!


When scheduling your appointment for boarding or day care,

just let us know you would like him to have a bath.  It’s important that we know what time you are planning to pick him up so that we can have him clean and smelling good for you! 

⚬ Appointment is necessary ⚬ All Regular Baths do not include nail trimming 


Regular Bath Rates* 

Nail Trim Only                                                                                                            $16.50

Small under 20 lbs                                                                                                         $25

Medium 21-50 lbs                                                                                                          $35

Large 50-80 lbs                                                                                                              $45

Extra Large over 80 lbs                                                                              Grooming Only

Extra Add-Ons

Skunk Bath                                                                                                                    +$15

Anal Glad Expression                                                                                                 +$20

Flea Bath                                                                                                                       +$20

Teeth Cleaning                                                                                                  +$80 and up

Grooming Rates*
Prices are an estimate and may vary depending on condition. 



Maltese                                                                                                                  $55+




Shih tzu            

Cairn Terrier

Norwich Terrier                                                                                                   $60+

West Highland Terrier



Malamute                                                                                                              $75+




Newfoundland                                                                                                      $80+

St. Bernard

Cute Dog with Bandana


Miniature                              $60+
Standard                               $7

Giant                                      $90+


Toy                                          $55+

Miniature                              $65+

Standard                               $85+

***prices do not include tax***

Grooming Appointments are done during morning hours and dogs are typically ready and beautiful by mid-afternoon.
Please be ready to come get your dog when they are done ! If not, a half day of daycare charge may apply.  Thanks!

Dental Hygiene*

We offer anesthesia-free teeth cleaning where we are able to remove most surface plaque and tartar.

Regular cleaning of your dog's teeth helps Guard Against....

⚬ Bad Breath Bleeding Gums Plaque Build-Up 

& Promotes...

⚬ Strong ⚬  Cleaner Teeth Healthier Gums 

Cost                          $80+ Depending on severity and challenges

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