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Training Classes at Dog Gone Smart!

Group classes are fun for the whole family!

Dog Gone Smart offers many different types of classes for dogs of all breeds & ages


OR- Email our Training Director and she can help you pick the best training course for you and your dog!   




Please be sure to fill out a

Pet Profile Form prior to entering the facility


Schedules for Upcoming Classes 

(CLICK on class DATES for schedule & more info)


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Dog Gone Smart’s Class makeup policy is simple and easy:


If you are registered in a class, and miss any of the classes on your schedule you are welcome to make it up at your convenience in another class of the same level and week. Just give us a call to make sure the class you'd like to attend is running.

Puppy classes may be joined mid-session. Registration during class must be done through the front desk.

Puppy Kindergarten (For Puppies 8 - 16 Weeks Old)

Everything you'll need to know about having a puppy! An introductory class for you and your puppy. You learn about the puppy’s developmental stages while your pup socializes with other pups in a safe supervised environment.  Puppy topics such as housebreaking, mouthing, chewing, jumping, barking etc. will be covered.  And your puppy will learn some new useful behaviors such as intro to leash walking! Puppies must have first round of shots and a clear fecal by a local vet prior to entering Dog Gone Smart. 

Foundations 1 - Elementary School (For Dogs 4 Months & Older)

Manners and Obedience A first obedience course:  Your dog learns to SIT and  lay DOWN, reliably.  We teach COME so your dog responds! Polite walking on leash, greetings and household manners are covered. Stopping unwanted Behaviors such as JUMPING and excessive BARKING. Class environment great for practice!  You will learn our training philosophy and techniques. We teach you how to become a loving and effective leader and how to create a joyful bonding experience for the whole family. Dogs must be fully vaccinated for Bordetella, Distemper, (if over 6 months, Rabies), and have a clear fecal by a local vet before entering Dog Gone Smart. 

Foundations 2 - Middle School

Apply the skills learned in Foundation 1 to real-life situations.  Your dog learns to sit-stay and down-stay reliably, walk and wait in a crowd, greet strangers politely, go to his bed on command and stay there, and come instantly in an emergency reliably. Focus is on the 3 D's, adding Distance, Duration and Distraction!

If you think you are ready to skip Foundation 1 and go right into Foundation 2, please fill out this form for permission

Intermediate/Canine Good Citizen - High School

CGC Intermediate Obedience is where you will prepare your dog to pass the CGC (Canine Good Citizen Test)! Hand signals are introduced.  Distractions and distance are applied to the stays. We perfect leash-walking, and the recall.  More attention is given to stopping new unwanted behaviors. 

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Become a Pet Assisted Animal Therapy team with your dog and volunteer in hospitals and nursing homes. Special commands such as leave it, back up, look, and touch will be taught. Regulations regarding therapy dogs and medical terminology will be covered. Class Requirements & Information

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