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Agility at Dog Gone Smart!


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Agility is great fun for both you and your dog! It is a great work out and a wonderful opportunity to bond as you both work together to learn new skills as part of a  team.   Dog Gone Smart offers various agility classes at our Canine Center for all different skill levels, from puppy to advanced competition.


Agility is all about teamwork, which will help to build the bond with your dog as a loving member of your household..  It is a super fun sport in which you teach your dog to go through an obstacle course negotiating tunnels, jumps, weave poles, etc.  Agility work builds trust and communication which will deepen your relationship with your dog, and is also useful in obedience training and instilling good behavior and manners.


Agility is also a great activity for those who have already completed obedience but want to continue working with their dogs.  It fosters strategic thinking which keeps both you and your dog sharp and focused and most importantly, having fun.


Here's a tip before starting Agility, know what your dog finds most rewarding that can be used in a training situation. Usually, treats or toys are good choices. Find what works best for your dog before you start so you will be able to motivate him with success when beginning your agility training.  Remember you will be in a big room with other dogs and lots of fun equipment to play on, so you want your dog looking to achieve all good things through your direction, which will bring them their reward.

What kind of dogs can do Agility?

Agility is not limited any specific breed or size, any dog can participate in this fun activity but it is suited best for:

  • Dogs that have a nice temperament and a willingness to learn and have fun

  • Dogs that are well socialized and get along well with other

  • Most Agility Classes Require Pre-Requsite Obedience Courses

Agility SuperStar

Agility SuperStar

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