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Canine Testimonials


One of the last days in our pool in CT :( Thanks to Doggone Smart for teaching him how to swim!!


Hello!  My name is Moxie.  I am a 5 year old wire haired dachsund and want to tell you about my vacation home.  When my humans go away, I get to live the life at Dog Gone Smart in Norwalk!  I am so happy to go there, I run in and am greeted with MOXIE, MOXIE, MOXIE!   Lots of petting and tummy rubs and then off to see my buddies.  I get nap time and lots of play time with my buddies.  I am with the smaller dogs and even have couches to lull around on. My humans know I am safe and well cared for, not in some cell like enclosure where I would not be able to see my friends or the people that take care of me.  They even have a swimming pool!  (have not tried that yet as I am not a water dog, but I love to walk in puddles.)  They put my toy in with me as I like to sleep with my rabbit that came with me and there is always someone there at night to make sure all of us are safe and well.


SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, if you have a dog that needs a vacation home bring them to DOG GONE SMART! It is the place to be and then I will get to make even some more friends.  Oh, one other thing...when I get groomed, mani & pedi and a bath, it is heaven and I am even more handsome than when I came in. 

arf arf-bow wow



Hi, I’m Monty! I’ve been going to DGS since I was a young pup – I’m 4 now. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays when I go to DGS for daycare. As soon as I hear the leash jingle, I know where I’m headed and my tail is wagging. I feel loved as soon as I walk in the front door and hear “Hi Monty!” – these people are woofing awesome! And, don’t get me started on the swimming. Yes, swimming!!! It puts me back in touch with my inner black lab. I’m surprised they can get me out of that pool. My mom says the best part is when I crash once we’re back home after a day of running around and playing and SWIMMING!

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