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Special Care for Senior Dogs



At Dog Gone Smart we know that Senior Dogs require different kinds of attention than their younger more rambunctious pals.  We have special accommodations to ensure that senior dogs are kept in a calm quiet environment where they can rest and be cared for away from the rowdy play groups.  We will make sure they receive any medications or special diet, and are supervised closely whether in a suite by themselves or with a few other senior friends.  You can be sure we will provide a comfortable, relaxing, happy stress-free environment while they are here with us.  They are never alone, someone is on site 24/7 for all of our dogs safety and comfort.


Reservations for Senior Care Accommodations MUST be made in advance as space is limited in our Senior Lounge.


Dog Gone Smart offers additional services to promote longevity, comfort and health for senior dogs:

  • Cuddle Time

  • Outside Walks

  • Therapeutic Swimming

  • Gentle Grooming

  • Retail Store




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