Private Lessons

There are many reasons why private training may be a better choice for you instead of or in addition to group classes for both you and your dog. Private Training has the advantages of customized instruction with one-on-one attention giving you and your dog maximum results. Dogs that aren’t suitable for a group setting due to fear, hyperactivity or aggression respond very well to private training. Chris Onthank, the owner and founder of Dog Gone Smart, is a noted canine behavioral specialist. His daily practice involves helping dogs with special issues i.e. aggression, separation anxiety, fear, disabilities and training problems.  


Benefits of Private Lessons:
  • One-on-one instruction   

  • Customized training to meet your needs   

  • Both you and your dog and/or dogs learn at your own pace    

  • Perfect solution for dogs that aren't suitable for a group setting due to fear, hyperactivity or aggression    

  • The whole family can be involved     

  • Appointments made around your schedule    

  • You do not have to miss lessons due to other engagements or travel  

  • You save time, gas and the stress of traveling to and from classes


Does your dog?
  • Pull on the leash?

  • Jump on people? 

  • Show aggression toward people, children and/or other dogs? 

  • Act fearful of strangers? 

  • Bark constantly?

  • Chase cars and bikes?

  • Do the "door dash"?

  • Have a special problem that needs attention?


Chris working on a nice leash walk!
Chris working on a nice leash walk!

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Chris working on a nice leash walk!
Chris working on a nice leash walk!

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Chris Onthank, Canine Master

Jaimee Kelsey, Director of Training

Laurie Rendon

Dan Russell

Boris Katzenberg

Adam Mallin

Bebz Eydt, Puppy Trainer

Candace Cole, Puppy Trainer

Play & Trains: Private Instruction while your dog is in Daycare

5 Hours for $550 (10 Half Hours)

Private Swimming Lessons with Pierce Onthank

Per 1/2 hour / $75

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