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More Past Adoptions and Happy Rescue Endings !

Billy Rae


Billie Rae is approx 35 lbs and 9 months old.  She looks like a shepherd mix.  She will be in the 40lb range. She is very sweet, doing well on her house training and on the leash, loves to play with her buddies.  She likes playing tug of war with her pals.  She looks like a shepherd/pharaoh hound mix.  She is a really pretty girl with a very nice disposition.  She and her brother were rescued from a high kill shelter, She will make a great addition to any family!



Winston is just a happy dog. he is approx 70 lbs and 3 yrs old - we have him on a diet as his ideal weight is 60lbs.  He is a basset hound/lab mix.. a bassador.. he is just a really nice dog, great personality, loves to run and play with his buddies, follows our staff around with a wagging tail just wanting to be pet. This is a very sweet dog that loves to play with toys, loves tug or war, loves to get petted and wants to be your best friend, and loves to ride in the car - just a great dog! Come meet him today!



Puddin was found abandoned on the streets. She had the most awesome foster family in Texas, but is now with us at Dog Gone Smart in Norwalk, CT looking for her forecer home. Puddin has the most beautiful blue merle coloring and the prettiest face. She loves to come put her front paws in your lap so she can get a hug and lots of ear rubs. She loves to look you in the eyes, and then lick you! Puddin loves to play! She likes to be outside, so would enjoy going to dog parks, or walks...probably would love trails and hiking. She seems happiest when she gets a chance to play. She definitely has heeler in her. I do think she would love kids and their energy.. We are working on her manners, in that she likes to gently jump up - but she is getting better, listens well and is very smart!  She loves the other dogs especially loves little dogs who she plays with very gently . Puddin is currently 35lbs at 9/15. We think she will be in the 45-55 lb range.. a great size for kids. She is approximately 6 months old at September 1, 2015.



Frances was found abandoned on the streets as a puppy. We scooped her up and she had an amazing foster home in Texas, but is now here with us at Dog Gone Smart in Norwalk, CT. Frances is a beautiful gold/red color - very sweet and affectionate. She loves to come put her front paws in your lap for a hug and lots of ear rubs. She sneaks gentle kisses. Frances also has the most unusual makes one complete circle and is always wagging! Frances loves to play. She likes to be outside, so would enjoy going to dog parks, or walks...probably would love trails and hiking. She definitely has heeler, as she loves to herd, and loves kids. We are working on her manners, in that she gently jumps up, and she is getting better, is smart and a good listener!! She uses the doggie door and we haven't had an accident in the house in quite a while. She loves other dogs! We think she will be in the 45-55 lb range. Frances is 40lbs at 9/151/15



Angelina is a little schnauzer mix pup, she is approx 7 months old and 10 lbs, she and her brother Brad Pitt who has been adopted through Dog Gone Smart were thrown out onto a busy highway and a kind bus driver picked them up and took to the local shelter where we took them as she walked in the door to hand them in.  She is a really sweet little pup and just loves her buddies, she can run, play and jump and will hop up into one of the chairs to peer down on her buddies, she has a really sweet disposition, she will need house and leash training and would do great with a buddy to play with.




Kansas looks like a beagle/staffordshire terrier mix.. he is approx 3-4 yrs old and 27 lbs.  This sweet dog was rescued and looks beautiful!  He is just a really nice dog, he loves to play with his buddies, tug of war is one of his favorite games. He has a really nice disposition and personality and just likes to hang out around people.  He seems to be pretty well house trained, but will need reinforcement in his new home.  He will need a little leash training, but we are working on that.  He knows his name and will come when called especially for treats which he will take very gently.  He loves kisses, and once comfortable, he will greet you with a wiggly butt.  He is crate trained, and sleeps through the night in his crate.  He does love a chewy toy, so when you are out of the house, he will be happy in his crate with a chewy.  He rides well in the car.  Come and meet him!



Turtle is one of 6 puppies that were abandoned in a plastic laundry basket dumped in parking lot on a Sunday morning.  She loves toys and loves to curl up in her doggie bed with her siblings.  She looks like a Lab,  Black Mouth Cur mix.  She is approx 12 weeks old as of May 20, 2015 and weighs 8 lbs.  She will probably be in the 20-25 lb range when fully grown.  She is a very sweet little girl and would do best with a buddy to play with and keep her company! Come visit her at DGS today!



This petite little girl is around 15lbs.  She is very sweet and loves to hang with her humans.  She is fine with other dogs.  She enjoys company, so someone home a lot would be best for her.  She is full of affection,  loves to be held, good with dogs and cats and would love a buddy! She is about 18 months,  improving on leash but still needs some work, house trained and very playful and energetic and would love a fenced-in yard. We rescued her when she was pregnant.  She gave birth in early March.  She is in foster care and doing very well - she was a great mom. She is spayed, micro chipped, and UTD on her shots. We had to shave her as she was very matted.  She has had her wellness visits, she is just a playful wonderful young dog.

Brad Pitt


Little Brad Pitt is an approx 18 week old pup who is approx 11lbs. He is your typical little terrier/lab puppy, very active, can run like the wind but then land in your lap and be a mush.  Personality and a face that will melt your heart, could not be sweeter!  He will do best with someone who can work with him a little bit on training but should learn quickly as he is just a young pup, he has the very best personality and just loves to run and play until he decides that he needs a rest and then finds the biggest doggie bed to curl up in with his buddies.  He should be in the 20-30 lb range when fully grown. Adorable Dog! Great Family Dog!



Branson is one of three pups that we rescued from a local high kill shelter, he is the smallest of the three pups and looks to be a yellow lab/rough collie mix and weighs 16 lbs at 14 weeks of age on April 11, 2015. He will be in the 25-35lb range.  He has one blue eye and is just a stunning dog, loves to run and play with his siblings, is doing pretty well on his house training and will need some leash and obedience training.. he loves toys !!! Sweetheart of a Dog!



Purdue is a stunning little dog, he is approx 18 months old and 19 lbs, he looks like a cocker spaniel mix, he is very sweet and also very “busy” he likes to be in the center of everything and loves to run and play with all of his rescue buddies.  He is super sweet and loves to cuddle with our staff.  Give him attention and he will be your best friend. He does well on a leash and seems to be pretty well house trained. He has a very nice personality and likes his toys, he is just a very sweet little dog that likes to go on walks and car rides.



Skipper is a sweet and friendly guy! He is doing so well with all the dogs and people here at Dog Gone Smart!  He is mini schnauzer, maybe mixed with dachshund.  He is about 16 months old and 20lbs.  He LOVES to play with his buddies - he could play all day!  He likes to run around outside with them.  He is pretty good on the housetraining, but still learning.  His foster mom and dad taught him his basic commands - he is a quick learner!  He is very food motivated which helps. He sleeps all night in his crate, he goes in and settles right down.  He does like to chew a chewy bone, but he has not chewed anything he is not supposed to.  He is very sweet, rides well in the car.  He would do well with activity during the day, such as an active family or a buddy who likes to play. 



Trumbell is a Bassador.. basset hound/labrador mix.  He is approx 3-4 yrs old and 30 lb.  He has the best personality.  When he first meets you, he is so excited!  He is one happy bouncy dog.. once the introductions are over, he then settles down and is just a mellow fellow.  He loves to hang out in his favorite doggie bed or in an open crate to be quiet to sleep during the day and he can often be found just curled up asleep in one of those. He has a very sweet disposition, loves to eat and loves treats, he will try to sneak the other dogs' food if he can, but not aggressive in any way.  He seems to be very well house trained but is a little strong on a leash as he gets so excited to be off on a walk and so could do with some leash and obedience training.  He wanders out to the yard with the other dogs and likes to hang out with them and run and play, he was treated for low grade HW and is on a monthly heart guard regime like all other dogs.  He is a wonderful dog, because he is so happy and bouncy at first probably not good for small children, but a great dog to take on hikes, running etc, he is going to make a wonderful companion..  He does like his toys and does not like to share them, but not aggressive in any way, just a little selfish!



Daisy is a DREAM! spayed, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs. Daisy is approx 9 months old and 9 lbs at 9/15/14, she is schnauzer mix, she loves to play and can hold her own with the big dogs. She is a little timid at first with people but warms up very quickly and likes to be held and run and play with her buddies,she is learning very quickly, she likes to hop in her big doggie bed and hang out with her buddies.



Barrett is a big love, truly a great animal! One big silly and happy dog, he is approx 1 year old and 60 lbs.  He looks like a wheaton/briard mix.  He is big and soft and so handsome.. He seems to be pretty well house trained and is very smart.  He does like running and playing with other dogs his size.  This is what his foster mom has to say about him:

A very loving and sweet boy. Still has some wonderful puppy enthusiasm, and is just a very happy dog. That tail just goes and goes!! He is very smart, in just a week he has learned ‘sit’, ‘down’, shakes right and left, and is working really hard on ‘stay’. He is strong on lead, and could use some specific training, but he does get the concept. He needs an adopter that understands the breed characteristics.  He will need room to run and play. He’s agile, can jump really high, but has never tried to jump the fence. We noticed his agility just playing ball with him in the backyard. Our thought is that he could be a great frisbee catcher.  He believes he is a small lapdog! It’s funny, but he can make himself so small in your lap. He does a bath pretty well, but does not like his face washed.  He has already become pretty protective of us when other dogs and people come near, that was quick! But also a wonderful trait when trained properly.



Ernie was rescued from a local high kill shelter. He is approx 18 months of age and 13lbs. He is a cairn terrier mix. He is just about perfect in every way. He loves to play with toys,especially with balls and will run around the yard with a ball in his mouth. He gets along well with all the dogs in his foster home as he is submissive. He is very smart and sweet. Although he loves food, he has no aggression whatsoever. He sits patiently and waits for his food with all the other dogs. He takes treats gently and sits and waits his turn. He rides well in the car, does well on a leash and overall seems to be house trained. He has not had an accident in his foster mom's house. He sleeps through the night in his own doggy bed. He will sometimes sleep with his humans, but mostly prefers to sleep in a doggy bed next to them. He does not like to be crated at night. We don't crate him during the day and he is not destructive at all. He cuddles, is quiet and not yappy. He is learning to sit and has gotten that down pretty well. Just a sweetheart that deserves a home.. He is a sweet quiet little guy and would make the perfect companion for a family. He gets along great with other dogs and even the cats.



Cameron is already neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, and good with dogs.
Cameron is a shy boy, he is approx 45 lbs and 3-4 yrs, he looks like a sheepdog/terrier mix, he is a gentle dog with a very sweet personality, and will slowly warm up to you as he bonds. He does do well on a leash and seems to be pretty well house trained, he gets along with the other dogs and mingles with them but is not one to run and play. He has a beautiful coat and is a very handsome dog. He would do better in a little more peaceful home, he is very loving and likes to ride in the car and go on outings. Sweet Dog.



Calder is neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.Calder is a schnauzer/terrier mix, he is approx 2-3 yrs old per the vet and 21 lbs, he was found hiding in the bushes near a museum of fine arts, so we named him Calder. He is a total sweetheart and gives everyone kisses when he meets. He just hangs out with his rescue buddies, likes to play, likes to eat and is overall a very well behaved dog. He is fairly well house trained and we are getting him to run outside with the other dogs, he seems to do well on a leash and is just a really sweet dog.Add Description here

Sweet Pea


Sweet Pea is an absolutely LOVE of a girl.  This 1 and 1/2 year old female is sweet as sugar, with a sad story.  When found in Georgia, she had a logging chain embedded in her neck from being neglected and tied up.   She is great with other dogs and even cats, loves all people and knows some obedience commands.  She walks very well on leash and is just eager to be loved back. She is a gem who had a HORRIBLE start in life - and is so ready for the chance she deserves. She could not be sweeter, please come meet her!!



Paddy is a little dachshund mix puppy, he is approx 6 months old at 10/1/14 and 16 lbs.  He is a a happy little dog that loves to run and play with his buddies, just a typical pup...loves toys, loves to eat , will come running when you call his name, is doing pretty well on the house training and working on leash/harness training.  He just enjoys life and hangs out in his doggie bed with all of his friends.. Sweetie pie.



Allie is a schnauzer/scottie mix, she is approx 1-2 yrs old and 30 lbs and what a wonderful and well adjusted dog she is, she gets on great with the other dogs and ignores the fosters cats, she loves to play, rides really well in the car (in the back seat with no complaints!), does ok on a leash once the excitement wears off and seems to be very well house trained.  She just loves toys and seeks them out to play with.  She is a quiet but playful dog, has a very nice disposition and is going to make a great companion.  She gets along with all the other dogs (and I understand cats too), she is loving, she listens well, housetrained, will play with herself and not bother the other dogs unless they are up for it, will chew a chewy bone or throw around and squeaky her babies, play with a ball, eats very well, and is crate trained to sleep through the night, is a lap dog if you let her, and just wants to be petted. 



Marley is an 21 month old Dogue de Bordeaux  mix who is just a just an absolute mushy big love, a real gentle giant. He loves to play and has lots of energy and is looking for that forever family to have fun and romp with. He is a master cuddler as well, just needs a home to call his own. Marley is neutered and up to date on all his shots. He is staying here with us at Dog Gone Smart as part of our Adoption program. We are  working with him on obedience training teaching him sit, down, stay, come and leash walking. He loves people and is great with all the other dogs here and does very well in a crate. Marley deserves a home of his own and a forever family  to live life to its full potential with. Please inquire with us if you are interested in meeting this sweet big boy, and follow along on his progress here as we continue to work with him! He is SO SMART!



Dougal is a sweet and beautfil Bearded Collie mix.  He is approx 20 months old and 46 lbs.   He does like to gobble his treats quickly, so we give them all one at a time.  He loves to ride in the car, and jumps right up and hops in the front seat.  He loves looking out of the window.  He is fairly well house trained. He is a really sweet dog that would be great for taking to the dog park or on hikes.  He would not do well in an apartment, as he likes having a yard to run out and play in and lounge.



Potter is a really beautiful long haired dog that was so matted when we rescued him that he had to be totally shaved down, he looks like a maltese mix, he is approx 4 yrs old and 9 lbs. he is mr personality plus.. a big dog in a little dogs body.. just loves to runs and play and be in the middle of all of the action, he loves to sit on your lap, he is quite the little lap dog and rides well in the car, he seems to be pretty well house trained and walks well on a leash, he does like to bully a couple of the big dogs and will chase them around the yard barking, but does well with smaller or medium size dog, loves to play with toys of all kinds and sleeps in a big doggie bed with his rescue buddies.. He is here with us at Dog Gone Smart, great dog!



This is Buttons, she is currently at Dog Gone Smart until her forever family magically appears. She is an 11mos. old, 11lbs Tiny Brussels Griffon Mix.She just arrived from Houston, TX Shaggy Dog Rescue. She is a very sweet, inquisitive puppy who easily attaches herself to her humans. She likes to follow you around everywhere and get your attention. She is very smart and athletic. She has started to sit for her food and treats, and to wait for her treat. She loves to play. She likes toys and bones to chew on, and if she goes to a home with a doggy brother or sister, hopefully they won't mind sharing because she still thinks all the toys are hers.  She is not aggressive in any way, she just like her toys and food!. She sleeps in a crate at night next to foster mom's side of the bed and after a little bit of fussing, a few minutes, she settles down at 9pm and sleeps until the gang gets her up which is early. We are working on her basic obedience training and it is going well. She is SO CUTE!

Buddy Boy


 Buddy Boy is aprox 1 year old Airedale Mix and weighs 52 lbs and is still a puppy but we believe he is at his full growth. :) He likes to, chew on a KONG TOY or a bully stick and he is as happy as a lark. He LOVES toys and will play ball and fetch a ball every time you throw it. :) We do not know the true heritage of this beautiful boy, so we are just going on what the vet thought he looked like, but we do know he is a goof ball and likes to be silly and loves belly rubs and even thinks he is a lap dog and has all the qualities of a LAB and the ears and wire fur of an Airedale. He is fully vetted and is now ready for a home of his own. He is
cratetrained. . . Also LOVES kids of all ages. Totally adaptable to NEW PEOPLE AND PLACES. Smart and very eager to learn, Seems to listen well so far. Ready to do what ever your ready to do, he goes with the flow.
Knows how to use a doggie door. ...



Rolly is a gorgeous lab girl who is one year old. She was dumped by her family in NYC and came to LBDR because they were going to take her to a local shelter. She knows "sit" and "paw" but needs to be leash trained on a gentle leader. She is great off-leash at the park and plays with everyone. She conks out at home on the couch and enjoys snuggling. 

Great family pup!




Handsome Chance is a happy-go-lucky black lab who enjoys a good roll in the grass! He is around one year old and ready for his forever home. 



Rifkin is a really beautiful boy, he has the coloration of a cocker spaniel, the black, grey and white although he looks more like a schnauzer/basset hound mix. He is approx 18 months old and 21 lbs, he is a very happy dog and loves to run and play with his buddies. He seems to be pretty well house and leash trained . He loves everyone and is one pretty bouncy dog, he may not be suitable for small children in case he knocks them over and would probably not be good with cats.




Landry is an absolute DOLL!!!!!!  What a sweetheart, we all fight over who gets to hold him and cuddle!  Landry is a Tibetan/Javanese mix and is about 2 years old, 18lbs neutered, up to date on all shots and just a turn-key dog.  Gets along great with all other dogs, super friendly with people, a happy, loving dog looking for a lucky family to call his own.

He is at Dog Gone Smart Now, Please stop by to see him, you will fall in LOVE! He won't last, someone will scoop him up soon! 


This Sweet Boy found His Forever Home!

Durham is now at Dog Gone Smart and was rescued from a Houston, TX city pound which is a high-kill shelter. He had heartworms, so he was on the list to be euthanized, as normally no rescue or adopter would want him. Shaggy Dog Rescue pulled this sweet little boy, because why should he die when HW is treatable? He is now healthy and ready for his forever home. He is approx 3 yrs old and 25 lbs. He looks like a beagle/dachshund mix. He is a really good dog and just no trouble at all - quiet and well behaved who loves snuggling up in his doggie bed with his rescue buddies. He does like to run and play and likes his toys. He is fairly well leash and house trained and loves attention. He is a very smart dog and learns very quickly and is going to make someone a great companion!!!



Lucy is a fourteen month old spayed black lab.  She behaves well at the vet and is very good with other dogs and enjoys playtime. She has been partially clicker trained and is very food motivated. Please inquire with us at Dog Gone Smart, we can put you in touch for a meet and greet.  Adorable Dog, look at that face!



Georgia is as sweet as they come!  This adorable 1 year old female spayed lab mix is calm, gentle, super with kids and other dogs!  We think she would make the perfect therapy dog, she makes us all feel happy.  She is ready for her forever home for a very lucky family.  She is a doll!  Ask us to meet her today! Available through Little Black Dog Rescue.



Lewie is a young male Australian Shepherd Mix, He is already neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.Lewie is approx 3 yrs old, and 55 lbs, he has a beautiful very thick and wavy coat, he is well behaved and house trained, a little shy at first and but once he comes out of his shell, he loves to run and play and gets along great with the other dogs! He loves getting lots of petting and has a very sweet personality, just a lovely pup!

If you are interested in meeting Lewie please contact Deb at



Emmit started his life out in the shelter - as a puppy he was adopted - then look what these horrible people did to him....Now that he is here and has gotten healthy, he has been waiting a long time for an owner - please pass the word - what a love! If you would like to meet this sweet boy, and learn more about adopting him call us at (203) 838-7729, or email Debbie,



Darby is a silly, sweet dog, he weighs about 65 lbs.  He was in very poor condition when he was rescued and had obviously been very neglected. He looks like a border collie/pointer mix.  He is about 4.5 years old.  His coat has grown back and is now a beautiful black and white spotted  coat, which is very soft.  He is a quiet dog and very rarely barks, except when playing sometimes.  He loves toys and playing tug of war.  He is the first dog to run up to me when I sit down and put his paws up on my lap for attention.  He has a big doggie bed that he loves to curl up in with his buddies.  He loves doggie daycare and rides very well in the car.  He has a very gentle and sweet personality, very even tempered, no aggression or food aggression whatsoever,just a big lovable and very friendly dog.  He can be a little shy with new people but warms up very quickly, he could do with some leash training and is pretty well house trained.  Darby is looking for that lucky forever family who will take him home!  THIS IS HOW HAPPY DARBY LOOKS NOW!  We just love him here!



Another love that came to us through Shaggy Dog Rescue. This great organization rescuedhim from a high kill shelter in Texas where he had hours left. He is a big goofy dog of approx 56 lbsand 3yrs of age.This dog loves nothing better than running around with a toy in his mouth, he justloves toys! He is a big gentle dog with the prettiest brindle type coat. Harbey is what we call a turn-keydog. He gets along really well with the other dogs he's well mannered and loves to run and play. Heloves everyone he meets and seems to be pretty well house and leash trained. He is sweet and justas well mannered as can be. It didn't take long for us to find Harbey his forever family, it truly waslove at first sight, and the new family is more in love with him every day, and Harbey knows how luckyhe was that someone gave him that second chance at happiness,a new leash on life! Here is Harley (new name) with his new mommy!



Bosco was a stray in North Carolina...not sure how he made it to the shelter but he was heart worm positive,had a double ear infection, was extremely skinny and terrified. He was set to be euthanized with l3 other dogs(the rescue is not sure why since they had ll kennel spots available) but needless to say he was lucky and pulledfrom the shelter. He spent a month recovering with a military foster family and was met by Little Black DogRescue (even though he is not black) in the commuter parking lot of the Westport Train Station a couple ofweeks ago. He came to have a day of fun at Dog Gone Smart when we realized his amazing potential. Needlessto say, within hours we were able to have him meet an amazing local family who, like Amy of LIttle Black DogRescue, fell in love immediately. Caroline and Abby have been begging Mom (dad was ready) for years and finallyMom decided it was time. Mom is very happy (which is all that matters) and is planning to walk the neighborhood every day with Bosco. A GREAT ending!!!



Buster is a 2-year old white West Highland mix who came to us one night as an emergency rescue from Shaggy Dog Rescue, a rescue based in Texas but which has a strong presence in Fairfield County. He was scared, nervous and had no idea what was going on. He had been adopted but the owners were not interested in him and left him on a busy road where he was found by a good samaritan. It didn't take long for the staff at Dog Gone Smart to realize the potential in this little dog—all he needed was a boost in confidence which we could give him and the right home. Buster was recently adopted by a wonderful family and is enjoying his new forever home!

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