Our Hikes are Designed with the Safety of the Dogs in Mind!
All dogs are safely secured in crates for transport
and we limit number of dogs that can go in a group. 
Dogs are grouped by temperament
and evaluated by trainers
to be assigned to the proper hiking group
for Safety, Supervision, Structure and of course
While in Daycare / Boarding $55 
Dog Gone Smart's Country & Coastal Hikes are offered for any dog staying with us !
Have your dog enjoy a long, active and structured hike !
To book your hike you can sign up at daycare/boarding drop off or the DGS Hike Request Form 
and one of our professional trainers will contact you to find out more about your dog, answer any questions,
and to schedule the times you would like your hikes. 

Dogs are not off leash for safety reasons, we use very long (30 ft)  leashes that allow them to run and explore with plenty of room! 

If you would like us to work with getting your dog reliable off leash, we can incorporate that into a training plan we can discuss with you individually.

We also spend time walking them on a group leash together as a pack. All dogs on hikes benefit from the professional training team that will reinforce good leash walking manners and reinforce how to get along in a group. 

Your dog must be able to get along with other dogs to join group hikes. 

Tick and flea preventatives are highly suggested for your dog.

Specialized hikes are available for dogs who are dog sensitive at a different rate... Call for pricing. 


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